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  • New 3-in-one pocket size MT100 micro printer comes with swipe or smart card readers and an in-built GPS receiver
  • Compact in size (68 x 119 X 32.5mm), light weight (205g), runs on rechargeable 7.4 Volt battery, serial or Bluetooth® connection
  • Built to highest level of security for e-Payment applications
  • The innovation is the capabilities to read smart chip, print location receipt and provision of electronic machine identity

Mobbiexpress International is making a breakthrough in the online electronic payment solutions market with the launch of its latest pocket-sized micro printer (MT100) which comes with an integrated GPS. The MT100 will be featured at the CeBIT Australia 2009 expo at Darling Harbour, Sydney on May 12.

The lightweight MT100 is designed specifically for portability and functionality. It runs on rechargeable 7.4V battery and interfaces via serial or Bluetooth® with Microsoft Windows Mobile MID(Mobile Internet Device) , tablets and notebooks.

“The MT00 is the result of years of research and development from users’ feedback, field trials and advancement in the field of mobile e-banking applications,” says Jace Lai, managing director of Mobbiexpress International. “We are at the forefront of a wave of explosive innovations of mobile internet technologies to connect people and businesses to each other. We are proud to feature the new MT100 at CeBIT Australia 2009.”

The MT100 is bundled with a swipe and smart card reader, a printer, and an in-built GPS receiver. Its lightweight (205g) compact size (68 x 119 X 32.5mm) provides the convenient of a personal pocket printer. The integrated GPS unit and machine identity module enhance the security of system thus qualifies it as the latest innovation in the e-Payment applications market.

The MT100 is supported by Mobbiexpress Mobile Online Payment solutions. Tradespersons and businesses that need to process their customer transactions promptly and securely while out in the field will find the MT100 most secure and reliable in serving their customers’ needs. Its online system will authorise, authenticate and print tax invoices and location receipts on-the-spot, without the hassles of contacting or travelling back to base office.

In terms of security, MT100 allows financial institutions and card issuers to customise their security preferences to enable their multi-application solutions.

The new MT100 will now enable IT developers, system integrators, financial institutions, card issuers and mobile workforces to integrate their mobile front office payment applications easily for real-time authentication and authorisation of credit, debit and loyalty card payment on the spot.

MT100 is currently available to IT developers and solutions providers. MT100 also comes in different colours. The end user street price is estimated to be AUD 499.

MT100 – Features and Applications

Improve your business collections

The new MT100 comes with a 1-inch thermal print head, integrated with swipe and smart card readers with an in-built GPS. It provides exceptional flexibility and takes tradesperson to a world of new possibilities for mobile printing and electronic payment applications.

The MT100 is connected by serial or Bluetooth to any handheld devices such as smart phone or laptops to become an in-field Point-of-Sales register. It prints receipt or tax invoice on-the-spot saving you time and resources in chasing your payment and elimination of paperwork.

3–in-one convenience for better cash flow

All essential peripherals required for the convenient of processing different modes of payment is all packed into one small package of 68 x 119 x 32.5 mm unit. It is easy to carry with long operating duration.

Working together with Mobbiexpress Mobile Online Payment solutions, MT100 provides your mobile workforce with extended capabilities to authorise, authenticate and print tax invoice on-the-spot without the hassle of contacting or travelling back to base which frees up more time to make more sales and enhance customer service.

The MT100 also helps merchants to leverage their competitive advantage in business initiatives, efficiency in serving their customer with real-time price information, generate past invoices and get paid on-the-spot thus improving the cash flow.

Works anywhere mobile e-Business solutions

The Mobbiexpress MT100 payment solution software turns your MID(Mobile Internet Device) into your personalised pocket Point-of-Sales cash register. Enable you and your team to venture out into the great outdoors and improve your field servicing, productivity and sales. MT100 offers exceptional portability and remote printing capabilities suitable for mobile retails, garden cafes, door to door sales, parcel deliveries, mobile tradesmen, taxi operators, law enforcements and much more.

Connecting to the mobile internet, Mobbiexpress MT100 solution combines a versatile 3-track magnetic and EMV smart card readers that allows workers to process credit cards, debit cards, smart chips and private loyalty cards in real-time on-line payment processing. Additionally, professional location receipt can be generated on the spot for the proof of location of purchase in the mobile business environment.

Personalised Mobile Cash Register in your pocket

The Mobbiexpress MT100 enables workers to accept and execute a range of on-the-spot transactions from credit cards to gift cards as well as proprietary smart chips processing.

Within your shop, you can improve floor sales and customer services as you move around without the need to return to your cash register location for payment. It is truly a mobile cash register in your pocket.

Outside your shop, your field staff involved in delivering goods can offer your customers a variety of payment methods. Courier delivery and parcel services offer customers different methods of paying COD (Cash on Delivery). Field operators can accept multiple mode of payment on the spot without the need to generate invoice and chasing debt after a month or two. Getting paid on-the-spot not only save your time working on paperwork, accounting and inventory, but also improves your cash-flow giving your business a competitive edge.

Lightweight, pocket-size and fashionable design

Built to deliver reliable functionality and performance, deliver outstanding security as well as looking sleek and impressive when you slide it out of your pocket, the MT100 connects wirelessly using Bluetooth interface to your mobile devices.

MT100 also comes in different colours to suit your life style and fashion appeal.

Maximise business utility tools and business value

Instead of using a stand-alone unit for payment processing, MT100 solution gives you the flexibility of financial processing by sharing resources with your mobile devices such as a MID(Mobile Internet Device). There is no need to stick to specific brand of devices. Hence, you can use the MT100 solution to any device that suits you in terms of its looks, feel and functionality.

Improve your employee productivity by providing them with a multi-functional tool to process their transactions, stock control, up-to-date pricing as well as maintaining their calendar, job schedule, business contacts and addresses.

The option to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth gives businesses the chance to choose communication devices that is best suitable for their employees without committing to a specific brand or model of device. This effectively reduces investment, operation and management costs, giving the business a larger return of investment.

Business Tracking

Have you ever wondered where on earth you made the last payments? Can you remember the name of the business you paid to? You may have accidentally thrown away a receipt that had important information about the items you have purchased for warranty claim?

The Mobbiexpress software provides you with professional hard copy receipts on-the-spot as well as archived electronic receipts when required anytime and anywhere.

Another special function of the MT100 is the ability to record the location where businesses were conducted for future references. For a more sophisticated application, MT100 also provides the ability to track the route of job from beginning to end such as a taxi trip.

A worldwide solution for your business

Don’t stumble on not being able to find the same device overseas or even looking to buy locally and ship over to your international business locations. The software sits on top of any Microsoft Windows Mobile devices and the MT100 can be shipped and ordered separately. The result is a complete, simple mobile solution that is cost-effective to manage and easy to get.

About Mobbiexpress International

Mobbiexpress International is an industry leader in the development and delivery of mobile payment solutions making secure, on-the-spot payment, settlement and banking a reality for a broad range of on the road businesses including; tradespeople, mobile franchise operators, direct sales agents, taxi operators, law enforcements and the like.

With a ground breaking approach to helping mobile businesses improve their cash flow and reduce administration time, Mobbiexpress also integrates a range of additional services into its solutions including: job tracking, jobs offload bulletin, bookings services and cost effective mobile communications solutions.

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